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K I N E T I C - L I G H T - I N S T A L L A T I O N S

My patented kinetic light installations generate an infinite stream of moving forms in pure spectrum colours, whereby the combinations of the perpetually changing shapes are never replicated. Although the flow of the moving images is exactly defined it is, however, completely unpredictable, as the movement of the kinetic light installations is based on the chaos principle. Chaos research has established that the chaos principle appears to be one of the cosmic laws which govern our universe, keeping it in a constant state of flux. 

»The universe is finite but boundless. It is finite in the sense that it is permeated by a hierarchy of order which can not be transcended, boundless in the sense that it is permeated by an element of freedom of choice.«
(Frank Townshend, Becoming, S. 88, Allen & Unwin, London 1939) 

»The flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas. «
(Chaos Theory, Edward Lorenz)

Besides its aesthetic quality the kinetic light installations, which work with pure spectrum colours, have a deeply relaxing effect on the recipient.

The external form of the kinetic light installation
My most recent installation is in the shape of an elliptical satin glass-topped table with the main projection surface on the long edge. Another installation is housed in a hexagonal column about one metre in diameter. A third option is to build a flat projection screen into the wall where the technology required is installed in a small back room.

What does the viewer see? 
The viewer sits in front of a projection screen on which an endless stream of ever-changing light compositions is flowing. The moving light formations gleam in pure rainbow colours without ever recurring in any shape or form. Just like a rainbow or a sunset the colours of light in the kinetic light installation have an immediate effect on the viewer’s emotions, the pure spectrum colours being both exhilarating and soothing at the same time.

The effect of the kinetic light installation on the observer

First, the unadulterated spectrum colours make an immediate impact on the deeper layers of the psyche, making the soul resonate. As Professor Max Lüscher proved in a series of experiments 50 years ago, contextual colours have an impact on our state of mind. Pure colours of light affect the deeper layers of the psyche even more urgently and more intensively than the extraneous colours of the object. When experiencing the kinetic light installation one sees spectral-coloured light phenomena of incredible beauty, which can not however be appreciated on the material-objective plane. Metamorphosing, one light spectacle blends into another, constantly re-inventing itself. From this external motion evolves an inner peace.

Difficulties in conveying to another medium
Unfortunately in the case of film an integral part of the effect of the kinetic light installation is lost. The fine nuances of colour which the human eye discerns against-the-light can not be reproduced with a camera. In addition, the appearance of the light in the kinetic light installation is „multiplex“, in other words, depending on the angle of viewing we see an image which is fully variable in colour and form. Just like a hologram every single point provides complex, spatial, information. Finally the subtle impact of the kinetic light installation can also be attributed to the absolutely pure spectrum colours. During transfer to a different medium these pure colours are re-mixed either as additive or subtractive colour mixtures and are thus no longer monochromatic. As a result it is not possible to use divergent techniques to create the kinetic light installation.